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2 America's Cup yachts battle close during a San Diego corporate event

2 America’s Cup yachts battle close during a San Diego corporate event

On Saturday we entertained 80+ members of an international bank + their VIP invited guests. Using all 3 of our magnificent yachts we provided all 80+ guests with a hands-on authentic America’s Cup ‘match race’. A ‘match race’ is a one-on-one, boat-to-boat race with just 2 vessels shadowing each other up and down a race course….as is the true theme of the America’s Cup racing. While the 2 x 80 Ft race yachts conducted their first event, those waiting and anticipating their turn were on the much larger ‘America’, in this case acting as the mother-ship. After each race the 80 Ft yachts tied beside the 139 Ft ‘America’ where guests swapped teams. On this occasion we conducted 2 ‘heats’, and then the two winning teams had a 3rd race for the ultimate winner.

Yacht 'America' and 'Abracadabra' transfer teams between yachts on San Diego Bay

Yacht ‘America’ and ‘Abracadabra’ transfer teams between yachts on San Diego Bay


This is very unique corporate entertaining for team-building or just great memories.





Weekend Sailing on Stars & Stripes

Our America’s Cup Experience is a 2.5 hour sail aboard one of our two 80-foot International America’s Cup Class (IACC) racing yachts. This is the fastest, most exotic way to take in the scenery surrounding San Diego Harbor and a thrill of a lifetime.

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“I Invite You…to Sail or Race Aboard Our America’s Cup Yachts!”

— Dennis Conner

  • Get a Speeding Ticket on the San Diego Bay!

With masts as high as an 11-story building, these precision-tuned racing yachts are the fastest mono-hull sailing vessels in the world. It’s one of the only occasions on which you can get away with speeding and not wearing a seatbelt.

  • Ready to race?

When both of our racing yachts are on the water be ready to feel the experience of match racing just as in the America’s Cup. Time the starts, call the tactics and expect to be excited. There is no other San Diego sailing experience like it — we have two boat regattas and even all three boat regatta options available!

  • Hands-On or Hands-Off?

If you choose, you can be an active part of the San Diego sailing crew – manning the wheel or grinding the winches. You’ll be amazed at how quietly and effortlessly these big yachts cut through the waters of San Diego Bay.

  • Rates

Prices are just $99 per adult, and $49.50 per child under 12 for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Bottled water and soft drinks are included. These yachts are Coast Guard licensed for up to 18 guests.

  • Dates & Times

We will endeavor to conduct a trip at least 4 days of the week outside of the summer months, and as often as 6 or 7 days during the peak of summer. Some busy days we will have more than one opportunity for you. Ultimately we sail year-round. There is no down time in San Diego.

Like most coastal waterways the wind picks up as the land heats up. As such our trips are usually 11:00 am to 1:30 pm. Our public schedule does flex from time to time depending on charter reservations. Our reservation calendar will show you what trips are available.

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Daily Captain’s Log for the Blue Whale trips

The Blue Whales Have Arrived!! DSC08487 ps

This log started on Friday, June 27 – 6 blue whales were seen today feeding off the San Diego coast, including a cow/calf pair.

Summer whale watching on yacht America is in full gear! We have been seeing blue whales and large pods of dolphins on our first few trips this summer! Check out our Facebook page to see what we have been seeing lately. This will be updated with new pictures from each whale watching trip this summer.

Blue whales are the largest animals on the planet, and not many people get a chance like this to see some in person. Not to mention that fact that we will sail on a 139ft schooner to these magnificent creatures! Don’t miss out on this once and a lifetime experience!



Match Racing: Stars & Stripes vs. Abracadabra

Here is your chance to participate in a match race between two IACC certified yachts!

Stars & Stripes vs. Abracadabra 5x/week beggining in June!

Ask about our Family Deal !

Buy 1 Adult Ticket get one Child Ticket (21y/o and under) Free !

Reservations need to be made through our toll free number 1-800-644-3454

  • Race Opportunities

Almost every weekend throughout the year and at least 5 days each week during summer you will have the opportunity to participate in a hands-on, America’s Cup match-race (or two) on board our 80 Ft sailing yachts “Stars & Stripes” and “Abracadabra”. These races will often be scheduled in advance so that you know what to expect. There will be other occasions that the 2nd yacht is added later based on passenger demand. We also conduct ‘private’ charter trips and when possible and timely we will do our best to schedule your ‘public’ trip side-by-side with a private charter. This becomes a bonus for you and the private group…we can now deliver you the maximum event experience.


  • The Action

This is an extension of our America’s Cup Daily Sail but with all of the excitement and close action that befits any ‘race’ situation. In this case we race head-to-head in the true America’s Cup fashion, just one yacht against the other, dog-fighting our way up and down the bay over a race course set to give you the maximum sailing experience. The yachts race very close under the watchful eyes of our professional crew, and your adrenaline levels run high. You’ll be amazed at the size of these yachts as you see the other pass so close that you’d like to reach out and touch it. Did you bring your camera? Set sail with us on San Diego bay for maximum thrills.


  • Rates

Prices are the same for the 2 yacht race as they are for the daily Sail. Just $99 per adult and $49.50 per child under 12 for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Bottled water and soft drinks are included. These yachts are Coast Guard licensed for up to 18 guests each.

  • Unique

San Diego is the only place in the USA with a pair of these recent generation 80 Ft International America’s Cup Class (IACC) yachts. That means this is the only place where you can participate and enjoy this race experience.

Year-Round Whale Watching on Yacht America!

Yacht America- Whale Watching in San Diego


Although we are near the end of the winter whale watching season, the whales and the weather here in San Diego have continued to cooperate with us. We are still seeing some of the last grey whales of the season make their way north, and there is always a chance to see finback, humpback, minke, and even some early season blue whales this time of year!

Next Level Sailing will be taking advantage of the abundance of whales and excellent weather conditions  by extending the whale watching season throughout the year! Call  800-644-3454 for more information and details on availability.

Finback whale - San Diego

Finback whale


Dolphin - San Diego

Common dolphin


Sea Lions - San Diego

Sea Lions





Corporate Team Building Sailing in San Diego

'Oracle Team USA' won the America's Cup for the 2nd time in 2013 and our guests purchased their branded clothing for their own sailing team building event

Dressed like famous ‘Oracle Team USA’ sailors our guests look the part for their corporate team building event in San Diego

What better way to bring your company employees together than to do some thing very special in a ‘captive audience’ situation. I simply mean that guests are all together for the duration of the activity, and that’s where the bonding begins. In this case a visiting corporate group chartered all 3 of the yachts of Next Level Sailing with a plan to give everybody ahands-on semi-authentic America’s Cup match race on San Diego Bay. This event is very unique, only available in San Diego.

This group of 60 guests were split into 4 separate teams and over the course of 3 hours participated in 3 separate yacht races, swapping teams after each race right in the middle of the bay. The race yachts dock beside the larger 139 Ft yacht America and guests transfer for their separate turns.   

America's Cup yachts "America", "Stars & Stripes" and "Abracadabra" offer very unique team racing on San Diego Bay

Corporate team building sailing on San Diego Bay is very popular with Next Level Sailing

Reality Television on yacht ‘America’

As if sailing on the famous yacht ‘America’ and seeing some playful Gray Whales isn’t enough excitement in one day, guests on yacht ‘America’ on March 8 had the opportunity to witness and even participate in the filming of a segment of a reality TV show. For the producers and TV crew the weather could not have been better. For the guests on board it added another unique element to their special day.

Yacht 'America' polished and ready for guests to join a public, ticketed whale watching tour out of the Maritime Museum of San Diego docks.

Yacht ‘America’ shining all over in readiness to board guests for a whale watching sail in San Diego

The ‘America’ is a very beautiful and historical vessel on which to shoot television, whether it be tv advertising or live television. The yacht ‘America’ has appeared in a number of television shoots over the years.

Excited guests on famous yacht America are ready to sail, to see the marine life and to maybe participate in some small way in a reality television show being filmed today.

We are all going to have a fantastic day sailing to see the Gray whales as they migrate past San Diego


A fantastic day ahead as the television crew board the yacht and get under way.


The yacht America is a very stable and beautiful platform for all styles of television and media activity.

TV crew get aboard yacht America in San Diego


Yacht America is a great television vessel

Yacht ‘America’ with television crew on board heading out to see some whales and to film a segment for a reality show


Corporate Yacht Charter in San Diego

Corporate employees from a San Diego media company had a fantastic late afternoon sail on yacht ‘America’ in San Diego last Tuesday, March 4th. A lot of the guests were visiting from their Toronto, Canada office where the temperature that day was 34 dgrees BELOW. San Diego weather was a perfect 70 degrees when they boarded at the “Maritime Museum of San Diego” at 4:00 pm for sailing and dining on San Diego Bay and the ocean’s edge.


Yacht America conducts a corporate yacht charter in San Diego for a visiting corporate group

A corporate yacht charter in san diego on yacht America’ for visiting corporate guests

These folks conducted meetings in their San Diego office for employees visitng from Toronto, where temperature in that city on March 4th was 34 degrees BELOW. We can only imagine how pleasant it must have been for them to head out sailing in 70 degree sunshine.

Corporate groups sail on yacht America in San Diego

Yacht America leaves the dock for a lovely corporate yacht charter in San Diego


This group sailed from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm, catching the sunset on the edge of the ocean at 6:00 pm. After a short while continueing to sail under city lights, the yacht ‘America’ disembarked these guests at the dock of the ‘Bali Hai Restaurant” on Shelter Island in San Diego….where they had dinner.

Whale watching on yacht America

Although every day out on the yacht ‘America’ in San Diego is a great day, some days are just better than others. If you were on a San Diego yacht charter and saw these whales playing beside the yacht America a few days ago, you’d never forget this sailing experience. I won’t waste any more breath on the story….just have a look at these very cool photos taken by the crew of the yacht America on March 5th.!/media/set/?set=a.605815379507508.1073741841.122963181126066&type=1

whale watching san diego

whale watching san diego on yacht America