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Groups up to 75

This is the spectacular 1995 replica of the magnificent & famous 139 Ft vessel that the America’s Cup is named after….for an elegant and relaxing afternoon sail through San Diego Bay & ocean’s edge, an adventurous trip on the ocean in search of whales and dolphins, or a very elegant late afternoon and evening dining experience. An ‘America’ sail can be customized for any time of day or activity.



Your Yacht

The ‘America’ is 139 Ft long and 25 Ft wide, has two huge white masts that can be seen for miles, a striking shiny Black hull that reflects the water and sunlight like a mirror, an expensive soft Teak deck worth over $1,000,000 and glowing varnished Brazilian timber trim and cabin tops that double as your casual bench-style seating around the entire upper deck of the yacht. Add some touches of polished Brass and the huge canvas sails and you have an elegant yachting atmosphere second to none.



Sailing Time

Typically priced for up to 4.0 hours …daytime or nighttime. The rate can be customized for any length of trip beyond 4 hours.


The yacht has 3 separate price points: Up to 45 guests, Up to 65 guests & Up to 75 guests.

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Our Location

Main downtown waterfront at the “Maritime Museum of San Diego”….at 1492 N. Harbor Drive, San Diego, 92101…..at easy-to-find “Star of India” huge sailing ship on the waterfront, lots of metered parking within feet of the dock, very close to Train Station & Coronado Island Ferry and with coach delivery to within 50 Ft of the yachts. Café located close by. Sailing on San Diego Bay and nearby ocean, the most user-friendly piece of water for these huge yachts in the USA.




The coach disembarks immediately in front of our ‘Museum’ premises, a short 200 Ft to the yacht….and a striking “first impression” of this magnificent vessel as you see the Gold Eagle on the stern and the American flag waving gently overhead. Crew will provide a yacht orientation and history of the vessel, the America’s Cup plus on-going comment about the scenery of San Diego bay. Whether you are on an adventure sail to the ocean to enjoy ‘mother nature’, a cocktail sail up and down the sheltered waters of San Diego Bay, or are on board for a delightful dinner sail under stars and city lights, the atmosphere on this beautiful yacht will leave you talking about this experience to everyone you know. The wine, the glass of champagne and relaxed smiles are a part of almost every trip. You are certainly the center of attention on the bay in this magnificent yacht. Guests simply have to dress for the weather on the day or the occasion at hand. Bringing a light jacket is always a good part of the wardrobe. You can store jackets and other personal items in the lovely cabins below. The sailing on this huge yacht is very smooth. Even on the ocean we offer a “No Seasick Guarantee”. Don’t hesitate to ask about this ‘comfort level’. Nobody will get wet and certainly will not get seasick. Guests are welcome to bring cameras, sunscreen, hat & wear soft-sole shoes if possible. Ultimately we provide a very fine venue and only the finest of stiletto heels are discouraged in order to protect our soft teak deck. A ‘bar’ is available for any trip. Catering can be as casual as a ‘box lunch’, or as elegant as a live Sushi Bar and fine plated dinners.



Why you should do this

To sail on a yacht like this is beyond most people’s dreams. This is the style yacht you’ll see lined up in Monaco and the famous Mediterranean ports….but she is more famous than all of them. Because you will feel the breeze in your face as you watch the water rush by, the sea birds will follow you, other yachts will wave to you envious that they’re not in your shoes, you’ll find the scenery and crew stories of interest, the sun will set over the hill and the city lights will brighten the evening sky……and you will see it all. You’re not inside at a bar on a boat. You are soaking up the ambiance of being on one of history’s greatest nautical treasures. Because this experience delivers you the very best “bragging rights” back home.




This is the legendary vessel that won Queen Victoria’s trophy back in 1851. That trophy was later renamed after the yacht in 1870 when the “America’s Cup” as we know it today was first started. She has a shiny black hull, beautiful gold emblems, polished timber & brass everywhere and at 139 Ft long is the biggest sailing vessel available for public use in San Diego and likely California. She provides the best of the best when it comes to sailing and corporate entertaining experiences.

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