Whale Watching Cruises on yacht America

 The Best San Diego Whale Watching On The Famous Yacht ‘America’

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Yacht America starts the San Diego Grey Whale Watching season sailing on December 20, 2013 till April 20, 2014. We will begin blue whale season on June 4th! Call for more info!

In the 2013/2014 season the beautiful ‘America’ carried over 3k guests to the whale grounds in her 84 sailings. This was amazing support from the public making the ‘America’ the most popular whale watching excursion in San Diego. This wonderful support is testament to the ‘value’ included in every trip. Here are the main ingredients with every ticket purchased.

  • A lifetime opportunity to sail on the most famous racing sailing vessel in the world.
  • Free entry to the wonderful “Maritime Museum of San Diego”
  • A “NO Seasickness” Guarantee
  • A “Whale Sighting” Guarantee
  • BYO lunch & alcohol for a “Picnic On The Ocean” with the whales and dolphins
  • The ‘Green’ way to get up close with ‘Mother Nature’

Most charter vessels close whale watching by April 7th, however scientific evidence and long term data show positive proof that these Baja Gray Whales are still migrating in quite large numbers past San Diego through until the end of April. The “American Cetacean Society Los Angeles Chapter” have been monitoring and recording whale migration passing Los Angeles for 30 years. These volunteers watch the migration from the cliffs of Palos Verdes and in their own words… “we see only a small proportion of the total gray whale population”.

Hence the yacht ‘America’ will commence our season on December 20 and sail through to April 20 or longer if sightings and public support prevail. In 2013/14 we will continue to provide a ‘whale sighting guarantee’, a ‘No seasickness guarantee’, entry to the ‘Maritime Museum of San Diego’ and the BYO ‘picnic lunch’ option as has been very popular in past seasons.



Join us and see what makes the whale watching tours on America experience so popular.

Sail Times


Overview of your sailing excursion

More about the Gray Whales seen sailing on yacht ‘America’

From December 20 through to April 13th experience a rare opportunity to whale watch on AMERICA, the famous San Diego racing yacht. Experience San Diego sailing as never before on our luxury and historic yacht America as we go whale watching. This is the peak season for whale watching, when some 28,000 Gray Whales migrate over 10,000 miles to Baja California where they birth their young.

Your AMERICA whale watching ticket also includes the $14 admission ticket to the San Diego Maritime Museum. Here you can pursue all of the amazing history, boats and ships that the Maritime Museum has to offer. Explore the magnificent “Star of India”, prowl an ancient Russian Submarine and navigate your way through “Surprise,” the beautiful ship from the movie “Master & Commander” and more recently as the pirate ship of Jeffry Rush’s character “Captain Barbossa” in “Pirates Of The Caribbean – On Stranger Tides”

AMERICA is the ONLY sailing yacht that opens its decks to the public each day as we head out to watch the grace and beauty of California Gray Whales. Unlike other San Diego whale watching tours that use diesel engines (which can cause some ocean-goers to become seasick), our AMERICA yacht is a sailing yacht, allowing us to offer a “no seasickness” guarantee.


When you sail with us to the ocean, should sea sickness spoil your experience we will invite you back to sail with us free of charge on another day, OR we will issue you a $25 Gift Certificate for lunch at the famous San Diego “Anthony’s” Seafood restaurant. That is how confident we are that you will not get seasick!


21 Responses to Whale Watching Cruises on yacht America

  1. I would like to have more info about dates available and cost per person (adults, kids, seniors) for the 4-hour whale watching on the America. Thank you!
    Julie Langhans
    cell: 310-567-8130

  2. Hi,
    I would like to take my wife out whale watching on this sailboat for her Birthday gift.
    Please contact me with available dates and cost for two adults.
    Thank You,

    Don Chandler

  3. Hi,

    Whale watching sounds exciting on a yatch.

    I have 3 year old girls. I was wondering if its safe for 3 yr olds to go whale watching on a yacht? How young do you allow on your yacht?

    Thanks in advance for your reply.


  4. I am interested in the Americas cup whale watching experience. Please let me know if you have space available.

    Thanks, Pete.

  5. Can people with limited standing abilities, have a place to sit or can still enjoy the cruise? We can walk, and stand for very short periods of time.

    • Whale watching sails are scheduled for 4 hours….but if guests all agree we will stay out longer if it means getting closer to whales instead of just heading in because the clock say’s that time is up. Our customer satisfaction comes before the clock.

    • America carries 75 guests very comforftably. She sails to San Francisco in a couple of weeks to be a vip spectator yacht for the America’s Cup that starts on July 4th

  6. Hello,
    When starts Yacht America the San Diego Grey Whale Watching season sailing on December 2013?
    We are an italian family ( 5 adults, 2 children) and we stay in San Diego from 19 until 21 December 2013. is it possible?

    • Hello Andrea….sorry for my slow reply…..the yacht ‘America’ starts our gray whale watching sails on December 20 and runs through almost daily until April 13.


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  8. I recently took the whale watching sail on Jan. 16, 2014. It was announced by the Captain that the photos that Michael took from his lookout position on the mast would be posted on the website. Would you please send me the photo link for the above referenced sail date.
    Thank you.

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